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For Such A Time As This
Society is visually driven and individuals are hardwired to remember and respond to pictures.
Yet our culture inundates people with imagery that feeds into darkness.  Painting Freedom is fighting against that by bringing light and hope into the darkness.   
Painting Freedom provides innovative, compelling, visual depictions of the gospel by utilizing and combining a variety of art forms.  A multisensory experience--visual, audible, and personal, leaves those who experience our performances with an enduring impression.
  1. Creative Communicators
    Creative Communicators
    Painting Freedom's team consists of talented, creative, passionate communicators who unpack the Word of God in fresh ways. Book them as your guest speaker today!
  2. Live Performance Artists
    Live Performance Artists
    Painting Freedom began as a group of live artists who could do paintings in less than five minutes. This art form has helped define Painting Freedom as a ministry. Book any of our performance artists today!
  3. Spoken Word Artists
    Spoken Word Artists
    Spoken Word has been a rapidly growing art form in America today. Painting Freedom's spoken word artists take the truths of Scripture and illuminate them through powerful poetry that stirs the hearts of viewers. Book a spoken word artist today!
  4. Musicians and Worship Teams
    Musicians and Worship Teams
    Painting Freedom has many musicians that have partnered with them over the years. Blending both their personal work and worship music, they add a powerful musical dimension to any event. Book them today!

Painting Freedom creates presentations using live art, spoken word, music, video and more to preach the Gospel. Below are a few examples of events that Painting Freedom has performed at.

Church Events

School Events


Sunday Morning Services, Evening Services, Special Events

Painting Freedom uses live art, spoken word, music, and other art forms to preach the Gospel and teach Scripture

School Assemblies, Chapels, Special Events

Painting Freedom uses different art forms to connect with students and move them to impact their communities with their God given gifts and abilities
Main Sessions, Theme Performances, Workshops, Break Out Sessions

Bring Painting Freedom to your conference and watch as they use art to inspire your attendees to change the world around them! Use PF to reinforce major themes through visual arts and spoken word or have them lead breakout sessions to train and inspire conference attendees. 



Custom Events

Street Evangelism, Outreach Events, Outreach Workshops

Painting Freedom will lead your team to the streets to share their faith and help initiate meaninful interactions with members of the community around them. Using art to reach people is our speciality. 
Trainings in Art Skills, Outreach, and Missional Living 

Painting Freedom believes in training up others to use their gifts to change the world. Bring Painting Freedom to your organization or event and watch as they take workshop attenders to another level of faith and skill. 
We can create custom presentations for your event. Simply send us a message of what you are thinking and we can collaborate to make your event unforgettable. 

What Does A Painting Freedom Event Look Like?

  1. One Main Communicator/Artist
    Book just one artist for your event!
    Painting Freedom has a team of powerful communicators who are gifted in various art forms. If you need a guest speaker or performer for your event, contact us today. Our communicators use live performance art to illustrate God's Word where words fall short.
  2. Painting Freedom Team Performances
    Preset performances that can be taken to any church, school, conference or other event
    Painting Freedom has preset team performances that utilize a variety of art forms to communicate the truth of God's Word. To view a list of our preset performances click HERE or visit our Performances Page in the About Menu above
  3. Custom Performances
    Mix and match our artists to create a unique performance for your event
    Painting Freedom is able to flexibly work with your organization on a specific event. You have your choice of hosting a speaker, an artist, a spoken word artist, a musician or the entire team. We can work with you to design a performance that fits your specific needs. Our goal is to serve your specific event.