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Our  Team works together to create dynamic presentations of God's Word through artistic expressions

Tucker Rodkey is the founder of Painting Freedom and a prolific artist and speaker. He has traveled the United States sharing the Gospel through artistic presentations. He has a passion for the arts, coffee and canoeing. 
"Look at the nations and be amazed. For I am going to do something in your days that you would not believe even if you were told"
Habakkuk 1:5

Tucker Rodkey
Founder, Executive Director

Artist, Speaker
Christine Uzele is a graduate of University of Delaware. She fell in love with her husband Shem when they met in Kenya while she was on a missions trip. They are married with three kids and live in Wilmington, Delaware. She loves nature and can often be found playing with branches and leaves trying to work them into her artwork. 
​​Christine Uzele
Creative Team Member 
Abby Mannion
Abby Mannion was born in Kampala, Uganda but has spent the majority of her life in Pennsylvania. She is a senior in high-school who is passionate about writing and preaching the gospel in whatever way she can. She loves the mountains, being barefoot, and playing with kids. 
Creative Team Member
​Spoken Word Artist, Author
Tyler Rodkey
Tyler Rodkey resides in Chester, PA with his wife Kim. Together they have raised a lovely duck named Hillary, a giant Flemish rabbit named Deitrich Bonhopper, a parrot named Ulrich Zwingli and one very jealous cat, Lleowyn. Tyler has degrees from both Williamson Trade School and Cairn University. He is currently finishing his M. Div in Pastoral Studies. He loves books, coffee, chocolatiering and theological discussions. 
Community Relations and Networker

Morgan Thomas
Morgan Thomas lives in Brookhaven, PA. An avid illustrator and thinker, Morgan is the guy who always questions everything. He is passionate about evangelism, reaching people with the love of Christ and asking questions. Additionally he loves coffee, playing guitar, and studying Jeff Smith's line work. 
Creative Team Member, 
​Artist, Musician
Caleb Robinson
Caleb is a man on a mission. He has one desire and that is to have an impact in this world. Whatever he sets his mind to, he seems to accomplish. He brings his drive, creativity and unrelenting passion to the Painting Freedom team/ 
Creative Team Member, 
Artist, Musician